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FOX News
Nov 9, 2012 1:00pm PST
on the phone. >>caller: the timing is too perfect, the obama administration, as the administration claimed it was coincidence that the benghazi consulate was attacked on the anniversary of september 11th now it is convince dense the affair surfaces right after the election, not before but right after and before the intelligence chiefs go to capitol hill to get grilled. as an old intelligence analyst, and i could be totally wrong this is my interpretation, the administration was unhappy with general petraeus not playing ball 100 percent on their party line story. he was getting cold feet aboutiving under oath and i suspect these tough chicago guys knew of the affair for a while, held it in their back pocket until they needed to play the card. i don't like conspiracy theories and i could be wrong but the timing this, again, right after the election and right before he is supposed to get grilled on capitol hill, it smells. maybe it is coincidence but let me allay your concerns on one count. our nation has -- is not going to be suddenly vulnerable. and the deputy director will fill in, unless
FOX News
Nov 28, 2012 1:00pm PST
are scheduled to go up. unless we fix that, president obama becomes a defender of the bush tax cuts for 98 percent of the people and that is something we accomplished and we ought to take pride in it. i am not for raising rates on anyone. period. >>neil: we know the end result is you mentioned the president, sir, and he seesed on your remarks. this is president obama. >> glad to see if you have been reading the pains that more and more republicans this congress seem to be agreeing with this idea we should have a balanced approach. if both parties agree we should not raise taxes on middle-class families, begin our work with where we agree. >>neil: you have the president agreeing with you and the speaker not. where do you see this resulting in --. >> i'm against tax increases on anyone. period. end of debate. it doesn't take a positive action by congress to raise taxes, they go up unless we do something to stop it. if i can stop them for 98 percent of the people and continue to fight on the others, i will. if you think we will gain ground by holding the american people hostage -- i disagree.
FOX News
Nov 13, 2012 1:00pm PST
, facing president obama in the next few years and he liked speaker boehner on the revenue thing but that is wide and general. >> here is what you need to know how bad the hurricane sandy was for the new york metropolitan area. storm damage in coney island hospitals likely will not be fully up and running until early next year. next year. jonathan hunt on why. jonathan? >>jonathan: things are getting boatser slowly but it and very, very slow going indeed, for a lot of people. the power, though, is back to almost every home here now in coney island but that doesn't mean people don't still have problems. there are a lot of these apartment buildings, many public housing projects in coney island, and a lot of people in them, elderly, less well-off, cannot necessarily help themselves after the storm. that is where the national guard comes in, we tacked, along with a unit of the national guard as they went door-to-door in one of the 24 floor apartment buildings knocking on every door tieing to get people what they need. listen. >> we ask them if they have running water. do they have co
FOX News
Nov 2, 2012 1:00pm PDT
a couple of days ago, we are on it, we got it? we have a big obama supporter, what do you think? >>guest: we are in the midst of a tragedy, an unprecedented moment. this is in shortage of gasoline. there is a shortage of power. i live in part of manhattan where we have power and millions of people live a few blocks south of me and have no power. if this was a katrina-like response where there was a visible tragedy and you did not see a governor with his hands on the switch as you saw in governor christie or governor cuomo, a president who has brought every fema resource. >>neil: but you saw in staten island it is not reaching there. i agree, it is different great katrina but if the argument is they are bragging about what they doing, but this woman is saying, no, no, it is not. we are not seeing it. >>guest: the five boroughs of new york is peculiar circumstance. i don't disagree with the woman we have been imbalanced here in new york relative to the four boroughs other than manhattan where i live. but, this isn't a macro political event. some of the local people will be called out as to
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)